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Pandemic Fatigue

Aug 5, 2021

We can all identify with this. It’s real, it’s affecting many of us – but it is important to realise that we can overcome it.

Take some practical steps to be kind to yourself, stay connected, get some exercise and seek professional help if needed.

Our counsellors are here to be a supporting ear and help you get back into the sunshine.

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To everyone who has been vaccinated against Covid-19, for wearing your masks and socially distancing, for stepping up and taking action to protect each other, our families and complete strangers. Thank you for bringing your sense of humour to your appointments,...

Introducing Dr Yilin Zhang

Introducing Dr Yilin Zhang

Please welcome our newest team member at NewHope Medical - Dr Yilin Zhang. Yilin joins us on Monday 17th May for 6 months as a GP. Yilin completed her Bachelor of Medicine and PhD of natural science in China, and migrated to Australia in 2006. After several years of...

Ready to battle the bugs of Winter?   Vaccinations now in stock.

Ready to battle the bugs of Winter? Vaccinations now in stock.

Flu vaccinations are now in stock, both for government funded and privately paid ($20). We are an approved Covid-19 vaccination provider and are currently making appointments for eligible patients (1a and 1b). Sessions are held 2-3 times per week and there is no cost....