About NewHope Medical

We are a faith-based medical centre, committed to providing comprehensive care to all individuals, promoting health, wellbeing and disease prevention. We do not discriminate in our provision of care and we aim to treat all patients, regardless of race, religion or lifestyle choice with dignity and respect.

Our mission at NewHope Medical is to serve the community not just in the medical and counselling space, but by being able to care for our patients with additional opportunities for assistance.

The NewHope Medical practice is an initiative of NewHope Baptist Church and NewHope Community Care Inc. We recognise that a medical centre would provide a doorway and add value in our service to the community. Doctors, especially GPs, are often the first port of call for many people facing life challenges today, be they physical or otherwise. Situated amongst the many communities, programs and services of NewHope Baptist Church (newhope.net.au) and NewHope Community Care (newhopecare.net.au) we have much to offer those seeking health and wellbeing, belonging and community.

Practical assistance or emergency relief  may be offered through the food pantry, debt management, parenting issues, friendly mentoring, learning English as a second language or support during the process of seeking asylum.

The NewHope community is multi-cultural and multi-lingual. There are Chinese and Brazilian communities and also a sizeable Persian community, who embrace and support people seeking asylum and who are new to Australia.